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Commonly Confused Words

People who learn English as their second language often get many words wrong. The surprising fact is that even some of the native English speakers commit such errors. The commonly confused words play an important role behind these errors. A large number of frequently confused words can be found in the English vocabulary and this article will let you know about some of them. Any person who find issues with these commonly confused words can go through them and figure out the exact meaning behind them.

  1. Affect vs Effect – Even though seasoned writers hardly confuse these two words, the others often find confusions in them. These two words have similar meanings and they are used to describe similar scenarios. In order to avoid such confusion, you need to think about effect as a noun and affect as a verb. Effect means providing a result, whereas affect means influencing. Learn more about affect vs effect at : http://differvs.com/difference-affect-effect/
  2. All right and alright – Both these words provide similar meanings. The word alright is considered by several purists as the illiterate form of all right. However, we have seen many writers using the word alright in their writings. You should keep in mind that the word all right is in the standard form and others are wrong.
  3. Loose and Lose – Many people write the word lose instead of loose or vice versa. The word loose is an adjective, while lose is a verb. You need to double check the word before you use it in a specific location.
  4. To, Two and Too – You should never mix up these three words at all. To is a well-known preposition which can be used to describe a specific act. Too is an adverb which provide the meaning also and very. Two is obviously a number. These three words give a similar sound during pronunciation but have different meanings.
  5. Dessert and Desert – These two words are also confusing for people because of their spellings. The word dessert is used to name a food while the word desert is used to describe a place. You can even use desert as a verb, which means abandon.
  6. It’s and its – It is essential for all the English speakers to clarify the confusions in these two words because they are used in many applications. To avoid confusions, you need to understand that it’s mean it is. Then you can use your common sense in order to use it in the ideal location.
  7. All together and Altogether – Many people confuse in these two words because they seem to be the same. The word all together have the meaning of the words combined together while the other word provides a meaning of complete.
  8. Stationary and Stationery – The word stationary means fixed or motionless, so you can use it to describe still objects. Stationery is the word that is used to describe materials which are used to for writing purposes.

You should always use your common sense and think of the places where these words are used as examples, before including them in your writings.

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